Intel Active Monitor killed my Dell? - HELP

Sorry for the subject line, but I'm having a really bad day.

While installing Intel Active Monitor on my Dell E510, the screen went blank, and the power button on both monitor and box went to yellow as if in sleep mode. I cannot get it out of that mode. Power cycle, cold boot, etc, nothing works. There is nothing on the screen (tried a diff monitor to verify it's not the monitor), and while the HDD's and DVD drives spin up, there is no POST, nothing. No safe mode to boot into. No BIOS to access, nothing. HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP me Mr Wizard.

One of my old machines recently toasted a graphics card because the fan on the graphics card failed, and it overheated. So I replaced the card, and installed MBM to keep track of heat issues.
I figured it would be a good idea to put some monitoring sw in my new Dell box. I ran CPU-Z and a couple other ID utilities to get the details on my system, and then started my Intel Active Monitor install.

End of story - not the end of my stress. Wayyy bad mobo mojo.
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  1. Er, uh, ahem, nevermind.....

    Stupid user tricks - I really need to cut back on my caffeine. The recently installed new RAM was apparently not seated well enough. Re-seating it resolved the issue, and it's now been running several hours, including multiple reboots (just because)

    What a maroon. Someone get this guy off the stage.
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