TOP spyware/adware programs out there..

I have zone alarm pro with the spyware scanner and it's actually pretty good, i ran the trail for spysweeper which is supposedly one of the best out there, PCworld ranks it with an "87..Very Good" and zone alarm caught exactly the same thing as the webroot spysweeper.

i also run, AVG anti Virus, and Ad-aware.

Im just wondering if that's pretty much all i should run, i mean i DON"T have any problems so in all sense im doing just fine with all these.

But spysweeper is 30$ and i was just wondering of maybe just another good FREE app out there..

Spy Bot seek and destroy? has anyone used this.
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  1. I once swore by Spybot: Search and Destroy + Ad-Aware... but not anymore. For free apps, I prefer Windows Defender + AVG Antispyware. Personally, I use Panda Platinum Internet Security at home and it has done an excellent job. I don't use any other security apps.
  2. yea im not much on buying these apps if you know what i mean..

    i had Panda Platinum and i thought that was the best antivirus/firewall i've ever used. untill the "subscription" ran out.

    and then tried the newer ones out and just didn't agree with the changes,

    I like Zone Alarm PRO i just did some nice little tests with it and found that the spyware scanner/remover on that does an excellent job.

    Plus with zone alarm pro tweaked up to full capacity, there's not much getting through ... ads, cookies, .. i keep my settings super tight and constant manually edit what programs and even which websites i allow cookies to float through..

    So far it's doing excellent.

    so right now i got.

    Zone Alarm PRO(super tight settings)
    and the Zone Alarm PRO spyware scanner feature.
    AVG anti-virus
    Spy Bot Search and Destroy

    these pretty much are all i need, and like i said with Zone Alarm pro on with super tight settings, not much is gonna get through. plus they have constant upgrades for it, so they stay on top of there stuff.
  3. Any pay software has a subscription... usually one year, but I think Norton has started selling 2 and 3-year packages. I don't bother resubscribing with Panda, I simply purchase the new software OEM... it is extremely cheap. (Less than $20 CDN).

    Obviously, purchasing the new OEM version is cheaper than resubscibing... so I will keep up with that. I have the opportunity to get Zone Alarm Security Suite free of charge from my ISP, but after a couple of bad experiences with it, I've stuck to Panda. It's worked extremely well for me, and I haven't needed any other antispyware programs since I began using it.

    But when scanning other's computers... I prefer Windows Defender + AVG Antispyware. AVG to me is quite possibly the best free antispyware available.
  4. yea i agree, i mean zone alarm isn't easy to use.

    You kinda have to Manually do alot of things, but in the end you really control everything more.

    It' does get tedious to set cookie options such as headers, and etc..

    once you get use to how the program operates and what not it's not so bad.

    but i agree, i loved panda platinum 7 i believe it was when i had it. it was so sweet.

    and yea i also agree with AVG, it runs so nice... alot of people run AVAST as well... i personally didn't like the annoying interface, i like avg, it's old school it's simple, and not all graphical.

    avast also ran slower then avg for me.

    the main security is you yourself tho, i mean you can have all this shit, but if you go on retarded websites and allows stuff to get on, then anything won't help you.

    So it's a combination of alot of things.
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