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I have BF2 version 1.1.8976 or something real close it's the retail version never upgraded before. And my favorite game server recently upgraded to a new version of BF2 and I needed to upgrade to if i want to play it. I downloaded 1.4 [patch the one that updates all versions. But when I installed it and opened the game it was still the same version. So I installed it again but this time from the BF2 root directory and then restarted this time. But to no avail. What is wrong? Why can't I get it to update?
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  1. Does anyone know? I am going to die i if cant play it. Seriously. Its been like a week and a half since i last played it because i have been so busy. Need Help!
  2. i don't play bf, but i can suggest you do a clean uninstall of the game
    reinstall it
    patch to the latest version instead of applying patch after patch and see if it'll stick
  3. I have patch 1.4 installed. The thing is i think mine still says 1.28(plus like 8 other digits) which is what is said when installed patch 1.3. I deff know that the patch has installed because i am not allowed to vehicle drop on helipads and buildings etc.

    Did you dl an incremental patch or a full patch? Full patches are recommend more than the incremental as it seems to cause less problems.
  4. I got it to work awhile ago. Thanks anyway.
  5. Quote:
    I got it to work awhile ago. Thanks anyway.

    Please put something telling us that you have fixed the problem in the title...

    "*DONE* bf2 wont update"
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