3 drives in Raid 0 or 1 single and 2 in Raid 0 ?

I have 2 36 GbRaptor drives in Raid 0.

The pc is just for Flightsimulator FSX and Windows.
The new FSX is larger bigger and probably all future addons will be.

I now have just 12 Gb of space ( 14% ) which is to low.
Therefor I intend to buy another Raptor drive.

What would be a good config :

- 3x 36Gb Raptors in Raid 0 .
- 1x 36 or even a 74 Raptor with Windows and Flightsimulator FSX / 2x 36 Gb Raptor in raid 0 for FSX addon software
- 2x 36 Gb Raptor in Raid 0 with Windows and Flightsimulator FSX / 1x 36 or even a 74 Raptor for FSX addon software
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  1. none of them, raptors are great to host your windows installation cuz they're so damn fast, but they cost way too much for way too little storage space that they have, eventually you will need more and more space...you should be thinking more longterm

    i suggest you throw in a third drive, like a 200gb or something with SATA II and NCQ, yes it'll be 7,200 RPM but it's not that noticable and it will cost less than a raptor giving you way more space...obviously you will not be able to add that drive to your RAID array
  2. And what about the following setup ? :

    Raptor 1 36 Gb -> XP and less important programs
    Raptor 2 74 Gb -> Flightsimulator + addons
    Raptor 3 36 Gb -> Swap file and less important programs
  3. well you can't raid them since they're not identical drives, i mean you can, but you'll lose half of the 74gb's usable space

    it's possible, you could still raid the two 36gb on raid 0 and leave the 74gb on its own simple array (non raid)

    but you'll face storage shortage sooner or later dude
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