Q6600, what's the best available mobo for overclocking

Anyone have any idea what the best available mobo for overclocking this puppy will be? Post links if you can to verify.

How does the P5W DH Deluxe stack up?
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  1. Have a look at Gigabyte DS4 or DS6. The rev2.0 versions have quad core enhancements and these boards are superb overclockers. See below for my clocks - tho I only have Core2 Duo.

    Your main issue overclocking a Quad won't really be the motherboard, there are plenty that will do a good job for you (Asus and Evga also have some very good models to name a few), your big issue will be cooling as the Quads generate a lot more heat than Duo's, and you will need to look at a very top end air cooler or better still a water cooler to keep the thing cool. If u re feeling wealthy, a nice Vapochill or nVentivePhase Change cooler rig would be nice.
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