e6400 OCed w/ x1900XTX..Squeeze out just a little more juice

Ok So I am not all into benchmark racing and My system runs 24/7 stable as heck but I have a little compeition with this dude at our monthly LAN. We are basing everything off of 3Dmark05.

When I first got my system to what it is at right now I was consistantly hitting 14,000 in 3d05. It ususally hit 14,050 or something slightly above that. So I'm toying with the cataylst drivers and I hit the default settings. Now I can't get it past about 13,850. Where did my extra 200 points go? I tried updating my Cataylst drivers to 7.3. I tried lowering ALL my 3d settings to the highest performance settings. I defraged my HD just for giggles. I did everything I could think of. Oh and i am using ATI tray Tools for my GPU OCing.

Anyways. BESIDES this, I am also wondering what else I could do to squeeze out a few more numbers. I saw a bench from a guy with a similar setup however his e6400 was OCed to 3.3GHz and his x1900xtx was at 750/875. He was gettign jsut over 15,000 on his benchmarks. Not sure what little tips or tricks you might have.

I'd like to make any changes stable 24/7 since this is my daily PC as well and I'd like it to not explode. Anyways. I invested in some good air cooling. I have a Zalman fan control with a 120mm rosewill intake, 120mm rosewell on my cpu, 80mm on the GPU, and another 120mm shooting out the back. All 120mm max at high 80cfms and the 80mm I am not sure but its pushes some air since it is thicker than most 80mm's.

Any suggestions? The dude im playing with has an e6600 and 8800gts 640mb but doesnt have a clue how to overclock his c2d. I know he can just whale on me if he knew what he was doing but he pokes fun at me all the time and im sick of it. he hits about 14,500 with his rig.
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  1. Considering you are benching, up the voltage a bit and push your CPU to 3.6 ghz. That would be 450 mhz FSB. Also, loosen the memory timings a tad, or leave them, and push your memory to that speed. Benching relies more on memory clock than timings. As for your GPU, just keep pushing it futher until you see artifacts, etc. Have you tried pushing your X1900 to the speeds the other guy have? I think he might have use volt mods.
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