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I need some assistance with my history, my brother keeps deleting all of my cookies and history files after he surfs for whatever reason, and in doing so he gets rid of all my login s/n and passes. and when i go to surf on my sites i have to remember all of this crap, and this gets very anoying because i go to alot of login pages. even tho i ask him not to he keeps doing it, so here is my question, is it possible to lock the files so he cant delete them or back them up, or make it not possible for him to erase them? sorry for the gammer i wrote this in a hurry and thanks in advance
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  1. just give him his own user account profile and keep everything seperate

    other option is to disable access to the internet options section using group policies, but you'd lock yourself out as well since you're both using a common profile

    there's prolly some other software out there too which can lock down your internet settings, but i don't recommend 3rd party junk in this case
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