Bios not detect harddrive

i have Acer computer,was working fine ,yesterday frozen while iam at net, and i turnoff by pressing holding the power buttom, after that comes message: reboot and select proper device
i couldnt open the recovery by pressing f10 and the hard drive and the dvd missing from bios not detected. help me please resolve the problem .many thanks
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  1. Try to reseat the drives, maybe reset the BIOS to defaults (should be a jumpter on the motherboard or just take out the CMOS battery for a few seconds after unplugging the wall power).
  2. MR hang-the-9 thanks for reply but both the cmos battery and the motherboard jumpter been tried but not worked. whats other option can i do
  3. Try different drive ports on the board? Sata, PATA, whatever you have there. Sounds like the motherboard is bad if it can't read anything on it. Maybe try a different hard-drive just to rule that out.
  4. i tried different hard drive,same result i tried different ports, negative too,tell me plz how to flash the bios acer aspire x3300 2M
  5. Download the bios from Acer, will probably be on a CD iso or a floppy image. Create the boot disk and boot from it.
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