just installed windows it created a password what the hell..

i just installed windows and now it wants me to log on to the desktop, but i never created a password, so i cant log on to the dekstop, i tried all the defualt ones its not working, any way around this without re installing again?
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  1. Did you try no password? You can boot into Safe Mode (hit F8 when you see the BIOS splash screen) and login to the Administrator account which would allow you to change/remove the password.

  2. Windows never creates a password all by itself. If you are installing XP Pro or MCE, it will prompt you to enter an Administrator password during setup, but that's it. If you create another account once setup is complete, you can only password it once you're already within Windows.

    Of course, if you're not using the Welcome screen, you may be prompted to enter a username and password.
  3. dont type any password in, just the username then enter.

    If you have XP w/ SP2 CD, it asks for password if your in non- fancy welcome screen mode - otherwise you just click the username, but its default is " " ... aka, nothing/blank/nowt. :-)

    have fun
  4. it's a fresh install anyway, if you can't get in just re-install it and pay attention when the user creation wizard pops up
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