How to Restore Toshiba Protege M400 w/ Windows Tablet Editio

I have a Toshiba Protege M400 which seems to be infected with viruses so I have decided to do a complete wipe of the hard drive and restore. Only problem is this is a Tablet PC so has the Tablet Edition of Windows XP. It didn't come with any restore disks and Toshiba wants $110 to provide the service of restoring it for me. They won't send me the discs but require me to send it in which I know can take some time. Is there a way to actually get these restore discs or Windows XP Tablet Edition without going this route or is this the only way to do it?
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  1. hi.
    they are always other ways to get the soft yoy need.
  2. There is usually a utility which will allow you to create your own set of discs where there are none included. Check to see if such a utility exists.
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