Firefox opens explorer links.

I tried to find the button to shut this off but I can't. The problem is that when I am in explorer and click on any links they open up in firefox. Even in messenger when I click on mail it opens firefox instead of explorer. And so msn takes me to a different page then what it usually does and pisses me off. Also like when I want to do windows update it opens up in firefox so it does not work. I like firefox and use it for almost everything but there is just some thing explorer can do that firefox can't, ie: like update windows. So how do I get it to work like it is suppose to?
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  1. You have to set IE to be your default browser to do what you want.
  2. Ok where is the button to do that?
  3. go to start > run > inetcpl.cpl
    programs tab > "internet explorer should check to see if it is the default browser" - check mark it, ok it
    start internet explorer, when prompted select yes that you want IE to be your default browser

    if later on firefox asks you the same question, say no and check the box that says don't ask me again
  4. Hey there that little button. I was looking in that popup box forever but seem to have missed it everytime. The only problem is it didn't work. Firefox asked me to be the default browser and everything and i clicked no. But when I went into explorer and typed in goggle "tomshardware" and clicked the link it opened up in firefox. Same does Windows update. I checked to make sure the think was still checked and yes it is. Whats is wrong?
  5. anyone?
  6. This might be a temporary work around for Firefox, but you can give it a try. There is an extension for Firefox called IE Tab. This will switch your rendering engine to IE. You can even tell it to always display some pages using internet explorer ie windows update. This doesn't fix you problem, but it is a way to make it a little less annoying.

    Firefox IE Tab add-on
  7. Wow cool! Firefox is updating windows now! Thanks this is awsome!
  8. yeah if you get tired of that workaround try uninstalling firefox for a day and see if IE is working ok, then try putting firefox back
  9. I tried to uninstall firefox before I even posted this topic and explorer said this when I clicked on a link, "The program associated with this could not be found". It did this on anything that I clicked on. So I had to reinstall Firefox to browse the internet.
  10. You could also try reinstalling IE 6... i hear there may be some minor issues with IE 7 and FF 2
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