Reality TV Shows -- Love them or Hate them?

Do you like reality TV shows or can't stand them?

Seems like new ones are popping up all of the time. What reality TV shows do you like to watch or loathe?

American Idol? Survivor? Celebrity Apprentice? Biggest Loser?

How about niche reality TV like Tool Academy, Top Chef, Project Runway, Jon and Kate plus Eight?

Others reality TV shows?
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  1. For me I really don't like Survivor and Big brother reality show.. it sucks and it's not a reality show for me, it was scripted and I don't like the fact that they are fooling their audiences... just to get a high rating..
  2. I agree with Phadme entirely. These truly aren't reality shows. People are so caught up in these works of fiction that they forget life is nothing like how it's portrayed on these shows. A brother of one of my good friends was on the first season of Hell's Kitchen. He said almost all of what we saw was scripted. For example, the scene where the gay guy got super flustered and stormed out of the kitchen was shot 9 times.
  3. Most reality shows are scripted garbage with amateur actors/actresses. The only reality show that I can watch is the ultimate fighter. It's called reality tv, but I'd call it more of a documentary than anything. It's real action, non scripted, no fake cheesy $&!@, which is all the other reality shows are.
  4. hey buddy i m one of the fan of Reality TV Shows and Love to watch Reality TV Shows, previous week i had watched some of my favorite tv shows.form all tv shows i like to watch American Next top model and Dancing with the stars episodes. i just like to watch these only because by watch these tv shows I have to see Arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity given by the Characters of Reality TV Shows. Specially these reality tv shows learn us about how to increase our own confidence. From all TV Shows i will first preference to reality tv shows because these tv shows learn some thing to every one. it's only depends on the thinking of person who watch reality tv shows with what thinks. :hello:
  5. it depends on the show. some are great like survivor and amazing race. others suck like date my mom
  6. Honestly, 'm already fed up with reality shows. They just tend to copy what they did on their first season in which they really look repetitive and kinda boring.
  7. cant definite it like or hate clearly, dif people has dif view, but i think some of them, like Oz is worth to watch.
  8. I really hate the Reality Shows.
    In the name of reality, they show all the un-realistic things.
  9. Tremendous! . I got too much pleasure to read about Reality TV Show.I think every one should watch a reality TV Show in his life because from it we can get some knowledge.
  10. if we see these shows as entertainment medium then it is good bt if we will see it as reality then it is like biggest foolishness cuz this reality shows are scripted so no use of taking these shows so seriously.
  11. Don`t watch them.
    I reject your reality and substitute it with my own.
    Adam Savage
  12. I watch beautiful girls on street every day.
  13. Quote:
    Dear , I think you have not seen America's Next Top Model TV Show. If you will watch it then you will like it. This is a good show and many beautiful girls you will watch in this show.

    My wife watches that. I can't stand it. The girls look like lesbian trailer trash. Models are supposed to look good. But they call them 'high fashion' models, and pick whatever ugly girl they want.
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  16. some of the parts of reality tv shows i like whn they perform and other stuffs i hate, some year before i did't like the reality tv shows but my mind change when i <a href="">watch so you think you can dance</a> first time and after that some dance flicks and also <a href="">watch The Amazing Race</a>. after that i really like to watch reality tv shows like americas got talent.
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