My current setup

Hi guys,

I'm a long time reader, first time poster! Be gentle ;)

I'm currently running on:

Asus P8P67-M Pro
Intel I5-2400 Sandy Bridge @ 3.8ghz
SLI nVidia GTX 560ti (MSI Twin Frozr 2)
8gb Kingston HyperX Ram @ 1600mhz
Windows 7 x64 home premium.
Coolermaster HAF-922

I'm currently in a dilemma.

I'm looking to upgrade my audio, as i currently have a "5.1 Gaming Headset" by Speedlink, Medusa NX.
I've grown tiresome of these, and they do not provide adequate audio in 3D games (Battlefield 3 specifically.)
I was looking to purchase a dedicated sound card, such as the Asus Xonar Xense (Included is the Sennheiser PC350 Headset.)
As I skimped out on buying a full size ATX motherboard (The £40 extra was not justifiable, as the Micro-Atx was only £111 including P&P; There was nowhere for the P8P67 Pro (Standard ATX) at this price,)) My SLI setup currently takes up all the available PCI-E slots.

I'm currently considering buying a PCI-E Ribbon Cable Extender (Also known as a riser) and slotting it underneath the 2nd GTX560ti (There's a good 2-3cm clearance, i think i can squeeze this in.)
Underneath the 2nd GPU, is a PCI-E 4x lane, which as we all know - PCI-E 1x is compatible with all lanes.

My other idea is to just go and buy the full size ATX P8P67 Pro. I'm hesitant on doing this, as i'll have 2 mother boards laying around, and I can't seem to sell them for the life of me.

Please, can anyone shed any insight to whether or not the PCI-E riser would work?
If it does work, i can slot the sound card in the 6th - 7th slot there, just above the PSU.

Included is a picture of my case and setup, albeit it's an old picture - 2 weeks to be precise. I've since upgraded to another MSI GTX 560ti twin frozr as I said, and have tidied the cables up.
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  1. never used such a cable...never would want to either. i dont trust lose hardware in a case, always best to have it locked down and not crammed into some corner.

    if you really want that soundcard set then i'd say get a full atx board which you should have gotten from the beginning. the only good reason for a micro board is for htpc use.

    if you really dont want to replace the mainboard perhaps look into an external soundcard. sure it might not be the xonar but it should work.
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