Armor + 25cm VS Antec 900


I'm still undicided about my next case.
E4300 + ga-965p-ds3 oc @3.0Ghz
8800 GTS or GTX depends on budget

Thermaltake Armor + 25cm side panel fan or Antec 900.

They both seem to be very good case with good airflow.

I read a lot of reviews about the 900 but only a few on the Armor.

Does any of you have tried or seen both case?

Thank you
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  1. Quote:

    What i want to know is what the hell are those front flaps on the armor for?

    The flaps are annoying decorative flaps.

    The only thing about the 900 is the power supply at the bottom.
  2. if i were u i'll choose TT .not only because the big fan and the appearance,but the internal structure.the power supplier at the bottom may bring some unseen issues during your rig's building up
  3. Ther Armor is big and heavy but the internal structure of it wins it for me.
  4. Love the Antec Nine Hundred, i'd have to say airflow is some of the best you'll get in a stock case. On top of that you can control each fan to set it on low/mid/high, so you dont have to purchase a fan controller to have easy control over your fans. Also the Thermaltake Armor is a full size case so it will be huge, the 900 is a mid size.

    The power supply on the bottom didn't cause any problems for me at all.
  5. For the size it doesn't matter since it'll sit on my desk all the time.

    one other thing is I might use water cooling eventually and the TT Armor has options for water cooling.
  6. a big case is alway better if u want to make any modifications on it
  7. Quote:
    The power supply on the bottom didn't cause any problems for me at all.

    No problems here either.
  8. I have the Kandalf LCS with the 25CM side fan, and the LCS part of it isn't the best but it's ok, and the case is the same as the Armor. I know it's not what you're looking for but if I was to do it all over again I'd probably get the CM stacker where you can put the PSU on the top or bottom. As for the 900 goes I really like it, it's a good case. Between the Armor and 900 I'd probably just toss a coin. They are similarly priced, both have great features, and everybody likes them both, it's up to you dude. I think you'll probably want the one you don't have either way.

    On second thought I'd probably get the Armor case, only because it's BTX compatible.
  9. Got a Nine Hunderd this afternoon with a Corsair 620w PSU.

    didn't had time to install my parts in yet. have to wait tomorrow afternoon.

    thank you for all your comments.
  10. Both are excellent in air cooling but the Armor has more internal space for modding.
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