Need some help with final pieces

OK Finishing up my build. I can't seem to decide on a case and motherboard. I am using this as a temporary solution until I see how things shake out later this year and first of next.

I will most likely update to a quad core of some type and a new video card after we see how the ATI cards shake out.

SO here is what I have decided on, I play games like WoW and LoTR online and Oblivion.

I will be overclocking the CPU.

Amd X2 3600+ Windsor (need to order)
2 GB Corsair 800 mhz
EVGA 7600 GT (still plays the games well enough for me)
Antec NEO HE 550w PSU

I need a good motherboard and case now. I have about $250 to go between the two:

Was thinking of these and what I am looking for in each:

Case - cool and quiet. I will not be Water cooling right now so good air cooled.

P180 - $119-40 MIR at Frys this week
Antec Nine Hundred - $130 shipped

Any other recommendations?

Motherboard - Good on board sound and good overclocking features
Epox -



Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would personally go with something like a centurion 5 case, save yourself 50-100 bucks and invest that into a videocard... maybe get an x1950pro or something like that... that would kill that 7600gt
  2. Hmm Centurion 5 is a stellar deal.. For an nvidia chipset mobo.. I like the GA-M59SLI-S5.. For an ATi/AMD chipset.. I like the Epox board... I can thoroughly recommend both.... Maybe try a x1950 pro.. but once you get upto around a 7950GT the x1950xt is a much better deal for basically the same price.. but once you get that high.. the 8800GTS 320 is a kick a** deal.. Idk how the 8600GT/GTS will shake down yet....
  3. I was wondering if you new why my playstation 2 only plays playstation 1 games
  4. hahahaha, sorry... i don't mean to encourage it, but thats funny
  5. Quote:
    I was wondering if you new why my playstation 2 only plays playstation 1 games

    Alright.. if you are serious.. you should start a thread in the correct section.... I see that that was your first post and I wish you luck on fixing your problems,

    Anyways... Cholden.. If those mobos don't quiet float your boat in terms of price.. there are 570 chipset boards too for less money... once again. the gigabyte is sweet and there are many other good ones in that catagory aswell. the epox ATi/AMD chipset board is basically the only one I.. Ive heard the Asus version is good... and the MSI is alright.. The AMD crossfire boards are cheaper I believe, because of the less fancy look..
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