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Hey there,

Just quick question i want to buy a laptop with a Integrated Intel 900 Graphics GPU in it can it play games like hl2 and call of duty2 or so?

Im not to into IGP's so im not sure.

Thanks alot for any help.
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  1. Minimum for such gaming would be the GMA965, but really you're better off with an X1400 or GFGO7300 for the minimum for those games.

    The plain GMA900 will not handle those titles.
  2. Really? Even if its a alienware laptop?

    Also if it cant do you know where to find mxm2 slot video cards?
  3. doesn't matter who puts them in there, the GMA900 and 950 are nothing, a GMA900/950 will play but struggle greatly at those titles, and a GMA965 will barely play those titles at the lowest resolution.

    Look at the GMA950's performance in HL2 here;

    The GMA 900/950 in HL2 on a pentiumD platform;

    Not stellar to say the least. Sure you know that the game you loaded, but for an FPS, 10-20fps avg is no good.

    The GMA965/X3000 is the bare minimum IMO, and only since the driver update (before that it was worse than the GMA950), and really for any type of gaming since the D3/HL2 release should be on at least a low-end dedicated chip IMO.

    There are a few sellers of MXM cards, check the notebookreviews forum, there's a guy who sells them and links to other sellers, it's been a while since I've been there so you may have to look a bit.
  4. Alright thanks alot for all that info.
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