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Vista with 680i

Is anyone running Vista Rc1 or 2 with the 680i chipset. I am running a C2D E6600 on a eVGA 680i. At separate times I have installed both Vista RC1 32bit and RC2 64bit. After installation they both either blue screen or spontaneously restart.

With by previous system, a C2D 6400 on a Gigibyte DQ6 I consistently ran Vista RC2 with no problem.

I even tried running it with stock settings and the problems were the same.

I suspect imcompatibility with the nVidea drivers but I would like to hear about other experiences.
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    Hmm, I'll talk to my friend at Nvidia about that, and Vista compatibility for the 680i. For now, try over here:

    You might be able to use the x64 as a work around for Vista.
  2. My work a round for Vista is XP and it looks like I will be running for quite a while yet. Thanks for the links but drivers are of no value if I cannot load the OS :). I expect, unless I am missing something obvious, that the solution is to be found in a 680i bios update.

    I would love to find that I have been doing something dumb (not that unusual :)). Though I am by no means ready to depend on Vista I do enjoy playing with it and finding all the programs that wont run under it :).
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