Need quick fix HELP!

In simplest wording possible-- what does this mess. mean and how to fix it for good? Do I do it with each site i click on or is there a way to do for all at same time??? Please help
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Post the message in full and I'm sure someone will be along to help quite quickly.

  2. OK - I just found your other post in the Vista sub-Forum.

    If you have the same "Direct Server Frame. create TBO _ IE Access is denied" problem as the OP in that thread, try going into Internet Explorer>Tools menu>Internet Options and under the Advanced tab, tick "Disable script debugging (IE)" and "Disable script debugging (Other)" then untick "Display a notification of every script error"> Click Apply and OK your way out then restart IE and see if that helped.

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