32bit XP on 64bit processor?

Hello all! I'm thinking about building my first DIY system this winter, so I'm currently doing my homework to get my money's worth. I'll probably get an E6300, or a processor similar to that one, and try to get a budget gaming rig to replace my current eMachines.

Anyway, I bought a regular (non-64bit) copy of XP last summer to do some reinstalls, and I'm wondering if this is compatible with the new 64bit processors. I would love to just use this at least for awhile in the new system because I'm currently out of work (college student :P) and trying to keep costs down.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. yes you can install 32bit o/s on 64bit hardware, the hardware is backwards compatable to 32bit
  2. I suspected this was the case, but I didn't want to go with my own uneducated guess only to find out I built a computer that I couldn't run until I got another OS. Much thanks, Tony. :wink:
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