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Happy holidays everyone! I am building a new rig ( gaming or something powerful ) , anyway I already bought the power suppy ( Rosewill RBR1000-M Bronze Series-- newegg $89.99 ) is a 1000w, the Case Tower ( Rosewill Thor V2 Full Tower--newegg $99.99 ). I have a spare OCZ 4GB DDR3 memory and DVDrom optical drive as well as a Palit GTX 260 graphic card which I am switching with the EVGA GTX 470 graphic card that's currently installed in my computer. This will be my third build. I need some expert advice with the p67 chipset and z68, which one is better. I am thinking on buying the Intel 2600k or 2500k sandy bridge processor and I really don't know which motherboard, like I said I need info with p67 and z68. I really like the Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3. Another thing I am concern is about the 24 extension atx power supply and the 8 pin extension atx/eps. I think I probably going to need those extension cables. I will appreciate some suggestion. Also I have $515.00 to spare just for the board and cpu. Thanks in advances.
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  1. well since you plan use hardware left over from a previous build you will need to make sure either that what you buy is compatible with what you have or purchase a replacement.

    is that one stick of ddr3 ram or two? most i7 boards are either dual (2 stick min) or triple (3 stick min) channel.

    any i7 chipset will work. i have the i7-920 myself and its more than speedy enough.

    as far as boards go... you might want usb3 and decent integrated sound but i'll leave it up to you to find something compatible.

    as far as the spare change goes... you might want a small ssd as a boot drive
  2. thanks for sharing. what's the different from p67 and z68 chipset.
  3. bottom line is this.
    H67 – Onboard graphics are enabled, while overclocking is disabled
    P67 – You need a graphics card for this chipset – onboard graphics is disabled, however overclocking is enabled here
    Z68 – You guessed it…best of both worlds. Onboard graphics are enabled, as is overclocking

    for more "quick info"
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