Computer table. Simply chose a forum^^;

I have no problem finding comfortable computer table back in Asia but

I don't see there is appropriate Computer table selling in USA. I bought one from Walmart but it sucks. Why it suck? Basically, The place I put keyboard(sliding) doesn't have room for mouse and I have to put my mouse at the table. Also, the keyboard area is too low and I can't move my chair closer to the table so I have to play far away from my table.

Anyone can suggest where to get one, if online, please put a link.

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  1. Look on craigslist, I got a big ass hardwood desk for $60 in SF, a comparable new one would probably cost $500+. Only downside is that you have to haul the thing away (took 3 guys, a Dolly, and a handtrunk to move mine), or pay a moving company or something of the like to do it for you.
  2. I prefer a table that is wide enough for me to slide below the table(sorry, my english is poor, I can't describe as I want to >.> I prefer table no Drawer if they block my chair from going into the table.

    I mean like. if you look at the front view.

    -Drawer-Space -Drawer-
    -Drawer-Space -Drawer-
    -Drawer-Space -Drawer-
    - -
    - -
    - -

    My chair must fit into the space between the drawer >.>

    If they are narrow, It is hard for me to study. as I have to be far away from my book.
  3. Doesn't folding table(plastic?) is too light? I don't want it to move around when I move my mouse >.>
  4. Quote:
    Not all of them are plastic. You can still find some of the good old wood ones with heavy duty steel legs.

    You got it, the particle board folding table available at kmart, Home Depot or anywhere fine furniture is sold. To OP, the table is rectangular and the legs fold out on either end. They come in different lengths. They are used at bazaars or when people are serving a lot of food. I used one for years because I couldn't get a desk in the closet that I called an office. They work great and they are relatively easy to carry.
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