Newegg dumbness

This left me speechless.

I ordered all the parts for a new PC build from Newegg - case, motherboard, everything. Then on the order screen I paid Newegg $2.99 for their Rush Processing.

When the order got processed, Newegg broke the order into three different parts from 3 different warehouses, and hten applied the Rush processing to only one of the 3 parts.

When I emailed them to ask about this, here is their reply in an email to me.
We apologize for any inconvenience/confusion this may have caused you. An order may be divided automatically to multiple orders because we we have multiple warehouses and not all items ship from the same warehouse and cannot be boxed together. Also, some items are pre-boxed and ready to go to speed up processing time. However, if you choose rush order fee, it can only be applied on one of the orders autimatically. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

How is this right?
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  1. personally i've never used rush-processing as it is a complete waste.

    i order my parts sunday night and by noon on monday things are normally out the door and on their way to me.
  2. I ordered over the weekend as well and only two of the three sub-orders made it out of the door by noon. The 3rd didn't get processed until 7-something PST on Monday night.
  3. Well at least Newegg was good enough to refund my $2.99 "as en exception." Whatever. Last time I'll use the "Rush optio"n if ordering ore than one item.
  4. Were all of the items you ordered from newegg themself or were some of them from other companies that sell through newegg? They have begun allowing other companies to sell their products from the newegg page, but the product still ships from that company so newegg has no ability to rush the processing.

    Also, rush processing is really a waste especially on a weekend order, it won't make it to you any quicker and they already process pretty quick. I have never used their rush processing option, but i still usually get my stuff on the early end of the shipping window.
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