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Hi all,
I got a DGL-4300 router.
With my surprise it has no PPPoA protocol and luck want my provider onlt support PPPoA.

Is there any solution?
Someone suggested me take a PPPoA modem and than connect router to modem in PPTP or DHCP mode.

Anyone has got some tip?

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  1. You can still use PPPoE. Just configure all your ADSL information in the PPPoE settings on the router and connect it up. You won't need to buy another modem.
  2. I'm trying to connect using my old router as bridge but it seem I'm not able to have it work, i will try better tomorrow and post if I succeed.
  3. I'm not able to connect in this way.
    I turned my old router in only modem mode but it seem not to work.
    On modem mode a lot of config option are not avalaible, but it seem not to comunicate at all.
    Maybe i need a twisted cable?

    Ty anyway
  4. What brand and model is your old router?

    When configured in bridged mode you should then configure all the DSL information on the second router.

    1. Since both devices are routers and you have the first router configured for bridge mode you connect the DSL to the WAN port of the first router

    2. Then run a regular cat5 cable from one of the LAN ports on your bridged router to the WAN port on the second router. Configure the second router with the PPP information (DSL username, password).
  5. I own a netgear DG814.
    When I try to connect the Netgear to the D-Link WAN port it seem not to receive any data.

    I.E. I have my DG as and my D-Link ...254

    I can't access the Netgear if i connect it via WAN port, is it normal?
  6. Follow the instructions on the following link to configure the DG814 as a modem/bridge: Configure DG814 as Modem

    Once you have the DG814 setup as a modem/bridge then configure all of your PPPoE/DSL information (username and password) on your DGL-4300 router and wa-la. DG814 is simply a modem with no NAT and no DHCP.
  7. Thats exactly what I did I had same link but there is an issue.
    The modem won't let me choose between LCC and VC (dunno if this is a problem)
    Then when I do the rest to connect it will not work ><
  8. Hmm, that might be an issue. Any DSL install that I've done has always been VC with usually VPI/VCI of 8/35 or 0/35.

    The other option I would say is just to try a newer firmware on the 814 or try to using just the DGL-4300 connected directly to the DSL.
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