Just upgraded PSU and GPU

I just upgraded to a quality 480 PSU (37 combined V rails) and from a X600 Saphire to a Asus EN7900GS

Asus P5GD2 deluxe
P4 3000
2 gig DDR2 533
Seagate SATA 500 gig

I am very happy with this new card (except for fan that I will change). I want to know what programs and games would you all recommend to really test it out.

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  1. uhhhh.....

    well for benchmarking try the futuremark products like 3dmark05 and 06 (though the results wont really tell you much about its in game performance)

    then test it out in oblivion.....see what you get playing that game on max settings. :wink:
  2. Thanks for the help.
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