System registry corrupted.....recoverable or re-install?

The system will not boot up properly. All latest OS udates are installed, all latest device drivers installed....kinda anal about At first the system would not boot at all. Then I managed to get it into the recovery console....but that won't help. Then got it to boot into the "original install" mode (not safe mode) where I'm presented with the login "Owner" and most Start Menu links won't work (but all files/data can be seen through 'My Computer') - I cannot login under any of my user names...they don't even show up. Also, most device drivers now seem to have been disabled...including internet access. The final kick-in-the-teeth is that System Restore won't wotk either. I know there are images available, but the calender showing 'jump-back' dates won't let me go back.

Can this be fixed or am I faced with a full re-installation?

Aaaaarrrrggghhhh......HELP PLEASE !?!
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  1. You can try a Repair installation of XP.

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