Trying to run "The 11th Hour"

Don't laugh, but I am trying to get "The 11th Hour" to run on my Core 2 Duo WindowsXP machine. Unfortunately, I get the error "could not find valid video mode". Any clues how to solve this? Vid cards today are far beyond what was available 10 years ago when this came out, but hopefully there is something I can tweak to get this working. I have an Nvidia-based eVGA 7500GT KO PCIe.
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  1. WHY? That game is cool actually, i loved the 7th guest. You have to change all your settings to the lowest possible, and make sure you run the computer in win 98 mode. That worked the best for me.
  2. I finally got it running by downloading a patch I found.

    And yes, now that I finished it, I too am asking myself "why?" :)

    I read an article on the history of the company and the controversy over this game and now I see why they went under!
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