windows XP bootup hang when pushing up FSB


i tried cranking up my FSB but it doesn't get pass the windows XP boot up (where you see the running bar thing) the problem i have is i don't know if it's the CPU, Ram or the FSB is the problem ...because once i up my FSB speed, so does the CPU and RAM speed increase as well...

so anyone knows what could be the problem?

my current setting as follow:
Motherboard - Gigabyte DS3 bios F10, RAM - Corsair XMS2 667Mhz, CPU - QX6700 Kentsfield

FSB: 450Mhz (winXP Hang)
DDR2 voltage: +0.2
FSB voltage: +0.1
vMch: +0.1
CPU multiplier : 7x450 = 3150Mhz

Appreciate your input on which setting I should optimize further. Let me know if I have missed out any critical info. Thanks!
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  1. Doing that kinda speed in the FSB will take some serious playing around with the voltages, of the chip and FSB. That is really quite tough on the FSB with that chip. It becomes unstable because of the fact that the processor has to send information through the FSB to get to the other set of chips (as you might know, the C2Q's aren't really quads, they are dual dual cores). Back down the FSB a bit, and push the multiplier up to 8. Or, pull the FSB down to 370, and put the multiplier up to 10.
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