is there a software that allows a PC record tv shows to a HD

and if there, will it work with satelite?

also, my video card is ATI Raedon 9500pro, will i need to upgrade cuz it dont got a cable connection, only tv-out.

cuz im sick and tired of missing shows and not sure about buying a dvd recorder cuz i cant find any good reviews.
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  1. what i also meant was, is there a software that has some sort of a clock and turns the record function on like certain vcr's or dvd writers program themselves to record shows when im not home.
  2. You will need a TV tuner card like this:

    your video card should be fine. This is just an example and there are less expensive brands, as well as USB models if you don't want to use a card. Make sure you read reviews first though!
  3. You need a tuner card that will support HD resolutions. You will need a boat load of disk space as well, but that should do it for your. ADS has a tuner card that provides PVR software via Snapstream. It has a web interface to download guide information so you can schedule regularly occurring shows.
  4. you will need a TV card, what every body here did not tell you is that TV cards for PCs have a resolution limit, which is very low, so you are not gonna get the quality and resolution that is played on TV ;)

    if you want to capture hd then you must make sure your tv card is hd compatible ;)
  5. You need an HD capable video card, a large Hard drive and an HD capable tuner card that provides software with the HD codecs to play the media(the software is usally sold with the tuner card :)

    You can use, as I said before, Snapstream application that provides all necessary tools including codecs to play the HD content that you've recorded. This IS assuming you have an HD capable video card like, 7600GT or 7900 or 6600GT etc...... I watch HD programming recorded from CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC with the ADS HDtuner card a 6600GT PCI-E video card, a huge hard drive and an HD TV(via component or DVI). I use the Snapstream software that came with the tuner card to watch the shows. :)
  6. Additionally, I play my recorded content on a 65" HDTV and it rivals the actual HDTV content I receive over the air. All this through a PC video card.
  7. really, interesting care to point us to the TV card you have? I can't see how you can't see a difference between 768 pixels vs 1900 pixels, my unless your HDTV is crappy, my 60 inch plasma HDTV with 1080p sure can tell the difference. ;)
  8. 1080i at 60htz will be upconverted to 1080p, if your set has a good processor. Nvidias Pure Video decoder and the Snapstream decoder both support 1080i, or my Mits 65 DLP video processor is just blowing your set out of the water. I've watched both a live feed and my recordings and they look the same.

    What your suggesting is that the tuner card itself isn't capable of recording 1080i content at 1080i. Between the Nvidia software and the processor in the DLP 1080p set, the signal should be restructered properly. Based on a bit of reading, this is what I've found.

    The only issues I ever see are slight shading problems at times. Slight enough to not really matter. At 60 plus inches, I'm sure you understand how slight imperfections can be a big deal.
  9. just so you know no dlp on the planet is as clear as a plasms so go and do your home work again ;)
  10. 1. Check your vision, ASAP.
    2. Go to a TV store and request that salesmen connect a true 1080p DLP and a 1080p plazma to a Blue-Ray player
    3. Look at the pictures, and tell me that you truly made the best use of your purchase dollars.
  11. not just any plasma, you check your vision I already did my homework, my plasms cost 4 times your mistsu and I already seen your mitsu.

    anybody that knows anything knows plasmas are better, if I wanted to yor mitsu I could have had 4 of them istead of my plasma ;)

    while we are on vision good luck adjusting your sitting (you can't sit close to dlp

    how is your 170 degree viewing angle? oh thats right you can't do that either

    roflmao, just because you did not want to spend the money and the saleman showed you the best tv for your price does not mean you got the best tv, go to magnolia in bestbuy and ask them if they have a dlp that would blow their best plasma out of water and see what they say after they stop laughing at you

    next time instead of your eyes try checking the facts
  12. Went to Ovation and their best.................BEST..............BEST set was a Sony XBR............wait.............LCD.........oops! :(

    You truly don't know the facts if you think your 1080p picture is $8000.00 better than mine. LOL :D

    A fool and his money are soon parted........past tense in your case.

    Nice try Qbert!
  13. ya me and all the engeneers are wrong you and your eyes are right, so then I guess I'm wrong, you do have a 175 degree viewing angle? no you don't

    you don't need to adjust how far you are form the set so your dlp is blury? oh yes you do


    If you want to make yourself fell better about buying a lesser tv and tell yourself its the best go ahead ;) but don't tell someboy who knows dlp and lcd and plasma like the back of his hand since plama was born.

    good luck on your dlp and telling yourself you got the best, just don't forget I could have 4 of those if I wanted but I decided to really get the best tv and not shop by price first ;) you shop by price will endup with dlp like you did.

    you shop for the best tv out there you will endup with mine
  14. If your Plazma was worth pay $10,000.00 plus for, good for you. I still don't believe your Plazma is 8,000 dollars better than mine........Period. What brand is it and I will go look at it myself.

    Being able to sit 2 or 3 feet from your set is nice, but unless you live in an efficiency it isn't very valuable. I believe my viewing angle is 150 or 160 so pitch your 170 degrees cause no one wants to sit that far to the side anyway. If you have a surround sound system, your focusing all that sound to one viewing area anyway, so once again, what value does a 170, 150 or 160 degree viewing angle have?

    1080p through my HDMI looks great, actually better than the movie theater. Web content looks fantastic on my PC as well. I can see stubble, skin irregularities on faces and fabric textures playing standard DVD on my pc via my HDMI port. I'm satisfied and looking forward to Blue-Ray on my set.

    This banter doesn't answer the initial question regarding software that will enable someone to record shows to a Hard drive(even in HD). Neither my DLP or your World renown Plazma get the job done. This is way over and beyond the scope of the question we were answering.
  15. sure sure now here comes all the excuses, if you had a plasma then you would know what value it has, unless your tv and surround are setup for one person.

    you can think my tv is not better then yours and I thought you would you don't sound like a guy that listens to reason, you just want to tell yourself you got the best tv well sorry you did not.

    for one thing your tv dictates how you setup your tv room a plasma does not, no matte what angle or where in the room you are you can see crisp clear screen.

    the truth is the truth and facts are facts and you get to decide what your perception of reality is but it does not change what is real and reality is that plasma technoligy is much better then lcd or dlp. the only thing dlp has over plasma is the supposed life of the tv, which if you are buying the best then you would know in 4 years what ever you have is outdated, which then makes you buying the best tv to last for more then 4 years stupid since in 4 years it will be the worst tv and who cares how long it lasts then ;)

    as for the topic of the thread I'm still awaiting a link for your tv card so we can see your tv card's capture resolution and as far as being offtopic you are the one that started talking about blowing people'es set out of a water with a dlp only people you gonna blow out of water is lcd and dlp, stay away from plasmas they will embarrass you ;)

    so you can capture hbo shows on your pc with what resolution? and the link to your tv card?

    Off air antenna, no need for suspect cable HD signal. I realize that sinice you have the $10,000.0 + Plazma, you can probably get a $4000.00 video siganal processor, therefore making a piece of crap like this a waste of your time. I wiill attempt to send a video capture of what I watch, however I don't know if ISP will allow a screen shot in HD to pass through their mail server.

    I've seen the very expensive Plazma's( still waiting for YOUR model number on tv) and I've never seen any advantage other than color brightness and contrast. CRT produces better blacks than even your Plazma, so there's one weakness of your set. CRTs have also been able to display 1080p for a very long time, so that would be mark number two. With advances in color wheel technology and DLP processing, I question whether your claims would stand up to a side by side test of Plazma and DLP. Have you ACTUALLY looked at a 1080p Plazma and DLP both displaying 1080p signal from HD or Blue Ray?
  17. Is there a way to upload screen captures?
  18. listen I keep telling you, I have been on top of plasmas since it came out, lot of places and companies are pushing dlp or lcd because their price is so low and easier to sell then a 5000$ plasmas, on top of that lot of sales people unfortunately are told something or are taught what is best based on what the company wants to sell so the company tells them this brand or this kind is best but that is not the reality, instead of asking people I like to know for myself.

    you may think I'm an idiot for spending that much money when its not necessary how ever that is your opinion (and you have a right to it) but facts/reality is that I have done my home work and I know what really counts and what is best.

    specs are there to fool the regular TV crowd, if you go by specs all TVs look almost the same and looking at them in the store is not fair to both sets due to lighting and settings (they are not the same).

    plus every 1080p dlp is not the same, you should know your dlp is better then most dlp on the market, however mistsu is not a reliable brand, otherwise yes you have a very good dlp.

    however if you want to do the looking test then in all fairness you can't put just any dlp vs plasma and you can't put any plasma vs dlp.

    to be honest when buying these kinds of TV like plasmas you need to look at how many bits your processor is, that will decide what is the best in combination with resolution.

    contrast is bs, lot of stores and companies just bs the hell out of contrast.

    long story short, if you put top of the line 1080p plasma next to 1080p dlp the plasma will have a crisper look but not any plasma, top of the line plasma, you got the top of the line dlp right? so put it against top of the line plasma, go to best buy and ask to look at their pioneer elite fdh I think that one is a good one and it does 1080p, another is Fujitsu, put your dlp against this bad boy it won't stand a chance. Fujitsu, has one of the fastest processors on the market thus they have the best picture you can see, if you find a store that has the balls to carry one then you can see the difference and you will shit your pants, one reason why they are the leader in plasma tech. in the market.

    as for screenshots:
    1. Make sure that the window of which you want to take a screenshot is on top (in the foreground).
    2. Push the PRT SCR (Print Screen) key once

    (on older computers do this: Hold down the ALT key and press the PRT SC key once).
    This operation copies a bitmap image of the window to the Clipboard.
    3. Open the Accessories menu (for example, from the Start button in Windows then All Programs) and choose Paint or Paintbrush. An untitled graphics window will open.
    4. From the Edit menu, choose Paste. After a delay (how long depends on your computer) an image of the window of which you took a screenshot will appear in the Paintbrush edit window.
    5. From the File menu, choose Save As. You can now choose File Name and below that you can choose Save As Type: and I suggest you save as type .jpg
    (IN older computers with Paintbrush: Your choices include 256-color Windows bitmap format (.BMP), monochrome .BMP format, 16-color (4-bit) .BMP format, 24-bit .BMP format, and .PCX format. I'd suggest either 256-color or 16-color .BMP format, depending on your framebuffer.) save it on your destop as lets say picture.jpg.

    6. Now go to and you can choose the settings below, hit the "choose" tab and navagate to your destop and pic the picture, our example is picture.jpg so we gonna navagte to the destop and choose picture.jpg.

    7. Now hit "host it" and wait a bit and the page will reload and you will see this:

    now choose "Thumbnail for forums (1)" and copy the whole link and pase it here for thumbnails.

    If the pic is small enough that it does not need the thumbnail then just copy the "Direct link to image" and then in the post box here just hit the "IMG" tab and paste the address there then hit "ok".
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