How to remove generic bluetooth driver from windows 7

Hi - I want to download a firmware update to a bluetooth device that is attached by a mini USB to USB connection into my laptop. However, it keeps showing as a windows 7 generic bluetooth driver and this will not work with my device. I tried uninstalling the driver but as soon as I plug my bluetooth device in it reloads the windows 7 generic bluetooth driver. I have loaded on my laptop the bluetooth driver I need to use but cannot never load it fast enough before the generic driver is found.

I did fool it once to gt it to work but not sure how. Any advice would be most grateful.
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  1. Go to the Device Manager in the Control Panel, right click the device and select update driver.
  2. I tried this first and the problem is that it keeps coming back and saying that the windows 7 generic driver is the best driver and will not let me load my particular driver.

    I also tried disabling the generic driver inorder to load my specific driver but again the generic driver just reloads.

    Any other ideas please?
  3. Have managed to force the driver change to recognise the driver I wanted to load; so now all ok.
  4. nigel52 said:
    Have managed to force the driver change to recognise the driver I wanted to load; so now all ok.

    It would be extremely helpful to the group if you could explain HOW you got it to work instead of just saying "got it to work" and leaving us all in the dark. The purpose of a discussion board is to share information, so please share!
  5. yeah ive got the same problem as this guy had now im stuck how did he manage to do it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????wtf :pt1cable:
  6. We're left hanging to his lips, in baited breath!
  7. Hi I had the same issue and when i was searching for a solution i found this forum.
    Since no clear answer was provide in these conversations i had to go back again to try out by myself.
    Well happily i found a way.

    1. Disable the Generic Windows Bluetooth adapter by going into the device manager.
    2. Then download the specific Bluetooth device driver for your notebook. And install it.
    3. Now once it done check again in device manager. If your device driver still not been appeared, the click on scan for new drivers. You will see your notebook model specific Bluetooth device driver now.

    Hope this is helpful.
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