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Folding @ Home Video Issues?!?!

Last response: in Applications
November 29, 2006 1:29:50 PM

After reading the F@H threads, I decided to dl F@H from the Stanford site and join the Tom's Folding Team. The download went fine, I opted for the Windows XP Graphical Client, the install went fine with the F@H properties box opening for me to enter my settings and team number, after entering all the appropriate info, I clicked OK to start the application and the screen went white with black diagional lines! I could not ctrl+alt+dlt, I could not alt+tab, all I could do was hard boot the machine and start over. Becuase F@H is/was set up to run at startup, when windows loaded again, I got the same result. The only thing I could do was boot into safe mode and uninstall F@H.

So, looking for some ideas or info on what may have gone wrong, how I may be able to correct it and get folding.

My Specs:
2 x Opty 250's
Supermicro H8DCE
4GB Corsair ECC
M-Audio Revolution 7.1
2-80GB WD's in RAID0 off mobo
Highpoint RocketRAID 2310 w/ 3-320GB WD in RAID5
1-120GB scratch drive
WindowsXP Pro 64bit Edition

March 23, 2007 2:47:11 AM

Hey sorry I can't figure what would be wrong off the top of my head, but how have things progressed since you first posted this thread? Does the console version work better for you? I'd recommend the SMP client for someone with a rig like yours.

oh, also