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Hi all,
I have a hardrive which has 2 partitions. Partition C is for OS and partition D is for storage. Recntly, my OS screwed up and I had to do new install. Now after new install, drive letters have swapped. OS is now on D drive, storage is on C drive.

Is there any way I can change these back? I've seen posts saying it's not possible but surely there must be away! I've tried editing registry and was successfully able to rename storage drive to Z. However, changing boot back to C, caused system to hang on boot.

Now, I don't mind re-installing windows since it's already fresh install. At install, even if I could change partition names here. This way partitions would be named correctly before XP install. For me, the storage partition appears as C, OS as D. If I could swap these at install, would be ok. Is there any boot dics that allows this?

Can partition Magic help? I heard it has drivemapper which might work but can't find info about it.

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  1. See this:

    When your reinstall, disconnect all drives except for the boot drive. Also disconnect any USB mass storage drives (Card readers, etc.).
    Install these after the Windows installation is complete.
  2. Hey evongugg, that's my problem. Since both partitions are on the same physical hard drive, I can't disconnet it! Cheers
  3. You could backup the storage partition to a USB Drive, delete it, reinstall Windows in a small partition and restore the storage partition. The size of the Windows partition must allow for the storage partition.
    Windows is funny about existing partitions when you are installing a new OS.
    Your storage partition probably appears as system drive and has boot files. You want to change that to non bootable with Partition Magic.
  4. Cheers. Regarding the non-bootable drive, I'll do this with PM. Unfortunately I can't back up to USB or other drive, there's over 100Gb of used storage so too big! Cheers
  5. Only make the change with PM if you are going to reinstall Windows.
  6. yea windows won't really let you change your boot partition's drive letter once the o/s has been installed, wouldn't really make sense anyway, even if u somehow get it to change, everything will still be referencing the old drive letter, it'll be a mess and you probably won't even be able to boot, so you'd have to repair the installation
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