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cheak this out guys and gals.bought a pc from cyberpower amd 5200+2-7900gtx 2 gigs ram asus crosshair mb.well i started having memoy issues and sent my cpu back they replaced my mb and liqued cooling system i upgraded to 2-i gig sticks of cosair extreme ram sticks.OK here is were it gets funny 3 weekkkkkkkkks go buy and i finnaly get my pc back yesterday hook it up and turn it on and 1 of my 7900 gtx gpu cards are fried :P :x 8O so here the catch there willing to replace my 2-7900gtx cards with 7950 aaa joke cards for free yea right heres the? after swearing at them yelling at them and threatening to sew them they will now replace my 7900gtx cards for2- 8800gts 320 cards for $40 AM I GETTING A DEAL??????????????????????The funnyer part is that my cpu is only 4 months old CYBERPOWERPC INC. SUCKS I DONT RECOMMEND THEM TO MY WORST ENEMY
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  1. 2 8800gts's for 2 7900gtx's that is one hell of a deal!
  2. thanks derek2006
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