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Running XP Home SP2. Basically, I want to move the "startup" folder out of the "all programs" list and to somewhere slightly less annoying (I obsessively organize my "all programs" list, and it's really getting on my nerves because it has nothing in it at the moment). Here's what I've learned poking around by myself:

- It is actually a mesh of two folders, the one in your User profile, and the one in the "all users" profile.

- Using TweakUI Powertoy (or regedit, for that matter) you can change the location of the one in your user profile (I moved mine to a new "startup" folder at the root of my profile).

I cannot, however, find a way to move the one in the all users profile. I've been through TweakUI and did a brief search through regedit, but couldn't find any related options. Anyone know the registry key (it almost has to be there somewhere) for this folder location?
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  1. I just did a slightly more complex search through regedit, and came up with a few keys that had "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" as the value. I changed all of them and rebooted, and was able to delete the startup folder on my start menu with no problems. I'm not sure which key it was, but whichever it was, I changed it. Problem solved.
  2. An easier fix is to just set the attribute of the folder to hidden, been doing it since Windows 95, and just did it on Windows 7 tonight. Just right click the startup folder in the "all programs" list, choose properties, hidden, "ok"... then check the top option(this folder only), "ok" one more time... and after a reboot you will never see it again.

    edit: sorry i just realized how ancient this thread was... it just came up on top of a google search so I figured it might be useful to someone in the future rather than trying to mess around with the registry and whatnot.
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