Can I run 2 Radeon X800 XT's on a Intel D975XBX?

I have one ATI Radeon X800 XT , looking to add a second. As far as I can tell, by adding a second, both slots will run at 4x? But I'm dubious as to whether this will actually work? The think I can't get over, is how do you power the second vid-card? Am I going to need a juiced up power supply? I don't game at all, only looking to get 3 monitors to run statistical software (code on one monitor, pretty graphs on the middle, write document on the last monitor).
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  1. no if you add second card both slots will run at 8X and 3rd slot will run at 4X
  2. if buying an X800XT to CS you got to remember that you need a special Crossfire Version of X800XT, plus you have to use that stupid dongle.... so for you i dont think its worth it at all. you can always CF, a pair of X1650XT for really cheap 200$ and they dont need that dongle for it to work. obviously though a powerful PSU somelike 500W is needed
  3. ...."CS"..."CF"....I'm not getting the terminology. I'm assuming from your post, that I just can't drop two X800XTs in there to run 3 monitors...I need a "Crossfire" and a dongle?
  4. You don't need to worry about crossfire for what you are talking about. xazax was just being a little rambunctious. :) Anyway, for what it sounds like you need, it should work. However, seeing as you plan to use the third monitor for simple things, you could likely just put in a cheaper PCI card, or a cheaper PCIe card. Your choice.

    Best of Luck
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