Cant copy and paste

Only with certain programs can I copy and paste.

With other programs, the entire right button submenu thing is pretty much greyed out.

I recently removed a virus that had hijacked my taskmanager, if thats any help, as it appears that both problems happened at about the same time. ( Im not sure of this, I just noticed that they both stopped working)

I really need this fixed, without resorting to a full out format.
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  1. Are they your run of the mill windows programs that don't work?

    Are you sure that it's removed? What was it and how did you remove it?

    What about using the keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V), do those work?

    If you can't get it fixed and you are about to reinstall, try a repair install first. If you are going to reinstall, you have nothing to lose anyway right?
  2. create a new user account to see if it's the same problem, usually it's something hooking into explorer's process
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