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problems with my Asus 7600GS (AGP)

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
April 19, 2007 12:55:15 AM

maybe someone out there can help me. A couple a months ago,I upgraded my video card from a Geforce 4 to a 7600gs. I have been very happy with it. There is only one problem, sometimes after running my PC for awhile (I really never turn it off) I start getting "artifacts" on the screen. Like that big, bouncing, morphing ball screensaver from Win. 2000 starts getting some wierd patterns in it, and if I don't re-start my system, before I play a game when this happens, I get a lot wierd stuff on the screen. It always goes away when I re-start the system. Sometimes I can go for days before this happens. I have already bumped up the voltage going to the front bus, and updated my BIOS. I don't what else to do. Here's my system specs (as best as I can give you)

Intel P4 2.4gHZ CPU
1 gig of ram
430 watt power supply
Asus P4P 800 SE mobo
Asus Geforce 7600 GS (APG 8X) vid card

I also use the program Smart Doctor that came with the card to monitor voltage, tempature, and fan speed. I have never O/C'ed it, and it runs surprisingly quite and cool. In the beginning, the voltage would become unstable, and the Smart Doctor program would pop up and warn me. But since we upped the front bus voltage, that has stopped happening. If anyone out there knows whats causing this, or how to fix it, please let me know.
Thanks a ton
April 19, 2007 2:34:02 PM

may i ask what make and model your 430 watt psu is?? could be due to various things really. some of them are listed below:

1- possibly a fault with the card itself
2- psu not supplying clean power throughout
3- driver issues

sooooo we'r gonna have to go about ticking things off one by one.

1- Have you got access to another pc, where you can plug in the card to see if it runs without problems there.
2- What are the amp values of your PSU??
3- Unistall you drivers, use driver cleaner pro to clean the remaining out (in safe mode), then reinstall the latest driver

once you'v gone through that, we can see if anything else may be at play.
May 1, 2007 2:44:05 AM

First off, thanks for replying. Second, sorry it has taken me so long to reply. World of Warcraft has claimed another life. My power supply is a Thermaltake model: XP550NP. I don't really have access to another PC to plug my card into. I have noticed other problems now. Windows Media player will not play .AVI's now. All I get is a green screen with the sound. And my DVD drive isn't seeing all the disc's I put in there. I also noticed something fishy in my processes. A mtask.exe. I googled it, and half the pages I found said to remove it right away, and the other half said it's supposed to be there? I am not sure, but I am thinking I might as well just re-format, and finally install that copy of Windows XP (yes, yes, yes. I know... Windows 2000... LOL) I have already uninstalled and rei-installed the drivers provided with the card, and the newest drivers from Nvidia. Again, thanks for the reply. And I promise if you reply, I'll get back to you in a muich more timely fashion next time.
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May 1, 2007 8:04:40 PM

lol, well go ahead with the format.

as for the windows media thing try this and see if it works:

1- go to tools ->options
2- click on performance
3- at the botton if you can around with the slider that says something like video acceleration.
4- put it on lowest and see if that does anything

If hat doesnt work, skip 3 and 4 and try the following

5- click on advanced under that slider bar
6- you'll see a good few options to tick and untick.
7- start ticking or unticking them one by one and see if any work (if you have the latest windows media, try to see if you can untick a directX support thing...if its there).
May 2, 2007 2:16:47 AM

Thanks for the info!!! I hope it works, as I am getting extremely frustrated here. I STILL have Windows Media V.9. Do you have any idea if DX10 is going to work with XP? Or is Microsoft really forcing their hand this time? I guess it is a moot point seeing as my card won't handle it.....grrrrr. Thanks again
May 2, 2007 2:28:44 AM

Hey again. I tired the moving the slider bar. It sort of worked. It really, really slowed down the video. BUT, I do now have a picture. I is slow to start, but, the picture does catch up with the sound. So far. The other options didn't do anything for me. I think there might be some sort of conflict between the media player and this "utility" that came with the video card. Asus "Spledid". They bill it as a "video enchancement technology" LOL.
May 2, 2007 7:23:49 PM

obviously not very enhanced then :roll: :lol: 

can you not remove it?

also try updating to windows media 10 or 11 and see if they run.