Strange DHCP/Zone Alarm Firewall problem

The background info: I'm working on a college network that uses perfigo authentication. The DHCP lease time is 10 minutes.

The problem is with the DHCP lease time. When I'm on campus everytime my computer attempts to renew it's address it fails and I get disconnected. The IT guys and myself have narrowed the problem down to having something to do with Zone Alarm. We've covered everything else, update drivers, windows updates, check server logs, and it all boils down to my computer failing to renew DHCP until the last minute. At one point we shut down Zone Alarm and I was not disconnected. I've since gone through the Zone Alarm logs and tried adding all of their authentication and network protocol servers into my trusted zone but I am still disconnected every 10 minutes.
Another interesting note is that Zone Alarm only appears to cause this problem while on my college network, I have not yet tested it with a 10 min DHCP lease on my personal network.

My question... has anyone out there run into this problem? If you have how did you fix it? If no one's heard of this before does anyone have any ideas how to go about fixing this or narrowing down the problem within ZA?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Under Network Connections 'Properties' highlight TCP Protocol and click on properties again. Under General click Advanced.
    IP Address should say DHCP Enabled.
    Add a Default Gateway with Metric as Automatic.
    You probably have a Static IP address privately but a Dynamic IP Address at college.
  2. hi.
    u can check your setting in the zone alarm
    firewall/zones(u should select trusted zone for your connection)
    since u connect to the net throw some other pc.
    if it is needed you can configure the expert rules.
    what version of zone alrm are u using??
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