Window XP unable to detect beyond 4GB RAM

there many discussion on the net about window XP limit to detect 4GB RAM. some site offer a command fix to boot ini by adding the " /PAE " after the window XP boot command.
I got the link from another forum:
Does this problem also exist for window 2003 server ?

This is not a problem of Windows, it's a Bios problem.

Add to the boot.ini file /PAE and it should address the other 1GB.
Like this:
\WINNT="Windows 2003 Datacenter Server" /PAE

The Windows .... is just a sample, you probably also got other / parameters, leave them.

please note that this could cause instability.

Can anyone verify if the command add on PAE is correct fix ? I installed 4GB RAM to my brother HP win XP media PC but Window only detect 3.5 GB RAM
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  1. it usually is your bios at fault, may need an update

    /pae is if you are exceeding 4gb, not just hitting 4gb, but it's a common issue with xp apparently, either way, just try the /pae switch in the file anyway, see what happens

    other thing in your case is if your HP maybe uses 512mb of shared video memory, that amount will be taken away from the 4gb, leaving you with 3.5gb...that's only if you've enabled your onboard video..that's if you have one
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    thanks for the link at microsoft grumpy.
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