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Hello Everyone,

I have a little dillema here, the way things are set up is a little funky but please bear with me.

There is a computer at home and at work, I use VPN and VNC to control my work computer from home. When I am doing this I want to be able to print off what I see on the remote computer to my printer i have at home.

Because the vpn is already used going into work, I doubt having another VPN to the house would work well. Does anyone know of a an easy program I can install to sync the printer and the computer at work?

P.S. I've tried to put hamachi on both computers and share the printer but it just dosn't like it. Possibly it is the printer sharing configuration so I'll check that again too.
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  1. Are you absolutely stuck on VNC?

    If the work computer runs WindowsXP you could use remote desktop. It comes with client print support that automatically connects any printers on your home computer with the machine at work for as long as your remote control session lasts.
  2. Hi, I have windows XP Pro as a Remote Desktop Client for a Windows2003Enterprise Remote Desktop Server and I cant see any Printers...

    how can I connect with my remote printers in the session?
  3. Hmmm.

    I just tested it. I have a Windows 2003 server named BOB, with no printers set up on it. On my workstation, named BIFF, I have 3 printers - one connected locally via USB and two others on the network.

    I did a Remote Desktop connection to the Server and logged in. Then I looked at the Printers on the server. There were 3 listed there, linked from my workstation. As an example, here is one printer

    On my workstation, it shows up as:


    On the server, it shows up as:

    HP4050n (from BIFF)

    On the server, if I do a test print, it prints out successfully on the printer attached to my workstation.

    I have never actually looked at printing before on this server, and have not done any special configuration or settings to make this happen - it just worked.

    Does this work for you?
  4. no, it does not work, i have a windows server 2000 in my same network and it does not show any printers, also i log on in a internet remote desktop with a windows 2003 server and it does not show any printer too...

    what can I do?

  5. Can you check the event log on the server? Are there errors having to do with Terminal Services client printer setup?
  6. It supposed to work over the internet? or just a Local Network feature?
  7. For windows server 2000 & 2003, load the drivers of the needed printers on the server. This should allow you to see your desktops printers when RDP'd into the servers.

    Or in RDP if you click on options and go to"local resources" make sure the printer option is selected.

    Best of luck.
  8. Quote:
    It supposed to work over the internet? or just a Local Network feature?

    It works for me through a VPN...
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