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Afternooon All,

I want to install XP on one drive and Vista on another. I think the best way to switch between the two is with a boot loader. Can anyone suggest a good one for my purposes? I need to switch back to XP to run VmWare and other programs from time to time.


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  1. Can't you use the Windows boot loader?

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    you don't really get to choose the boot loader in windows, it's not like linux

    the only way it will work is if you install the old o/s first then install vista, that way the boot loaders don't overlap, since vista/longhorn bootloader is completely different from the NT engine O/S

    so install xp first, then dual boot install vista on top, i've done it, works fine, just don't go the other way
  3. Yeah i've done it too several times and it works perfectly fine. What's really cool, is that i set up XP 64 first as the second OS, because i wanted to install vista 64. Now, i don't have a dvd drive. So what to do? I installed vista 64 from a virtual drive withing xp 64. Worked flawlessly. The only minor glitch is that i have 2 entries of Vista on the boot loader screen(i remember one other reporting that as well). This really is an amazing OS. Everthing is soooo smooth and responsive. Everything pops up instantly. It'd be interesting to be able to play with a single core and 32 bit version to feel the difference.

    There are a couple of quotes from THG latest vista article that i really noticed myself:

    "Vista loves multi-core and apparently screams on both Intel quad-core and AMD Quad FX (which are also favored by early adopters) enabling what is being called "true Megatasking" or the ability to do a lot of resource intensive things at once."

    That sums it up pretty well! Really is a night and day difference between this and XP.

    "The part I like the most is how easily it goes in and out of suspend, like flipping a switch.

    No kidding. When i first tried it, I was floored. It's like the entire OS was suspended to ram.

    I wish they would have covered voice recognition in the article. It is superb.
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