AMD Athlon 64 / 2800 or Intel P4 - 2.66 ??? which is better


I have 2 machines side by side.

One is an AMD Athlon 64 @ 2800 socket 754/ 1024g RAM and the other is a Intel P4 @ 2.66 ghz. with only 256 RAM
Now, I am a stranger to all this, but a friend of mine said the access time of the AMD will be much faster, both running XP..... Well, it seems the P4 is quicker to me even with way less RAM ? and this PC is much cheaper too, what gives? Can someone tell me why? :?
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  1. Maybe your A64 rig hasn't had a defrag in years and is so chock full of spyware that it brings it to a crawl?

    Under the same conditions, an A64 2800+ should be a fair bit faster than a P4 2.66GHz.
  2. well, there are a few variables here.

    first off, the P4 has no Norton stuff on it, no System Mechanic, an 80 gig HDD as compared to a 250 on the AMD and the fact that this XP is just a fresh install on the P4, so it's pretty clean and fresh. Could these things have some bearing??? Also, if i am to spend the money on a copy of Vista Premium, which machine would be more " worthy " of that ONE SHOT install?

    thanks man, this is really helpful........ I play drums, not computers! sorry

    Look at the Benchmarks in the Link above to satisfy yourself.

    Despite being 800Mhz you AMD machine comfortably exceeds your Pentium 4 System, it maybe because of old and faulty drivers, an update of all drivers and/or a refresh install of Windows maybe needed to reminding you that AMD64 Trumps a Pentium 4 comfortably while being generations Behind in Clock Speeds.
  4. You won't even be able to install Vista on the P4 machine, the absolute minimum is 512MB RAM and that probably means you can run Minesweeper in Vista and nothing else. ;)

    Your only choice for Vista would be the A64 machine.
  5. HOLY SMOKES !!! You guys are awesome man !

    Well, my friend also said when he does a fresh install of Vista on the AMD, it will be really great and quick. He also said DO NOT LOAD ANYTHING unecessary back on your PC, especially gobbling programs that run in the background. I think this time, I might put Bit-Defender on instead of NAV

    I am confident in all of your answers my friends, thanks beyond the moon! Great Advice giving here, 5 stars! :wink:
  6. You might want to look at avast antivirus. It's free and has a very small memory footprint. It's also pretty good at catching viruses.
  7. AMD 64 is way better than the pen4...

    Especially in games! P4 will do some unpacking of rar files in 2s less time, big deal!

    Bin there done that ! :P
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