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I have posted about this before and tried all of the suggestions but i still have no luck.

Here are the sysmptoms, my computer continually breaks-down and up untill today it was frequent at aabout every two weeks it breaks down. However today it stuffed up after just one day. Here are my computers Specs.
Athlon 1.4Ghz
Asus A7M266 Motherboard.
256 MB Hyundai PC-1600 DDR Ram.
Hercules Dynamite TNT2 Ultra Vid/Card.
On-Baord Sound.
Has network card but don't know which brand.

The errors which i recieved up untill today were as follows, one time when i tuned my computer on, it said that i had a error on line 1 of my config.sys, so I edited that and when it loaded windows all of my files were corrupt and lost. Twice when i get into windows any application it tries to load brings up a kernell32 error, even trying to load the little speaker at start-up does this. Another time, a game of counter-strike locked up i restarted my computer and it wouldn't load windows, when i booted in dos i only had 3 files on the hdd, and a dos scandisk said that i have 8GB of lost clusters.

The most recent error occurs straight after my windows background appears, it brings up a kernell32 error before it tries to open up any other programs and will not continue it does this in safe mode also.

Some people have said it is a virus in my boot-sector, so i have done virus scans with Norton and nothing is found, i did a low-level format and that did nothing so i am wiping out the chance of it being a virus i think. It must be something else.

Someone out there must know what is wrong with my computer.


<b>What was that!</b> :eek:
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