Which Gaming Laptop Should I Buy?

Hi guys, I'm heading off to college next year so I'll probably need a laptop to take with me.
Even though it's mostly for "college" but I would like to play some games on it since I'm a hardcore gamer.

I'm eyeballing at the ASUS G74 Series and the Alienware M17x.

My budget really depends on the Price Vs Performance Vs Looks, since I'll be using this laptop for at least 4 years (hopefully). (Though roughly around 1500)

As you guys can tell, I'm looking for a 17~inch Laptop, other "requirements" I would like to have is some:

~Back light for the keyboard (Not necessarily since I'll probably be using another keyboard).
~Specs. strong enough to handle "nowadays" games, I.E. Battlefield 3. And would be nice to last for a while to take new games in the future.
~Looked decent, I mean I know the fact Alienware over priced their stuff, but the design and durability is really standing out, but the "Stealth Bomber" look on the ASUS looked pretty amazing too...

That's all I need, I didn't browse through every single laptop company but if there's anything I need to know please leave a post.

Really appreciate it if you leave an opinion/suggestion here, thank in advance!
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  1. http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np8170-clevo-p170hm-p-2971.html?wconfigure=yes

    Select i7-2670m, AMD 6990m, 4x2GB 1333MHz RAM, Window 7 HP 64bit. Price total of $1534. Now you are able to get the $100 off for order over $1500. Select the $100 off and pay $1434 (if you can pay cash, it is even cheaper $1390.98). Also, free delivery within the contiguous 48 states by UPS. Just put in the coupon code SAGERFREESHIP.
  2. Ah the specs looked really good, but only thing I don't like about is the model Sager NP8170 / Clevo P170HM, it just looked fragile...
  3. Looks can be deceiving. Sager is famous for their gaming laptop build. And the photo on the website is photoshopped to make the laptop looks slim. The real thing looks more sturdy.

    Check out the photos here:

  4. I see.

    To be honest I would like to have something that can make me stare at it for minutes each time its on my hand, but then I asked myself, am I buying a piece of furniture or a hardcore gaming laptop? Unfortunately, I won't give a damn about how my laptop/keyboard/mouse looked when I'm gaming. Then again, if I got something that make me say "this thing is beautiful!" it would just make the experience even better. Not saying the Sager is bad or anything, in fact, I checked several reviews and gameplay footage and it looked amazing. The design just looked too "normal" if you know what I mean.

    Anyways I have no idea what I was saying but I'll definitely put Sager in my list and look forward to it. I'm not going to purchase the laptop just now, so I still have half of a year of time to decide/do more search on this stuff. Thanks for suggesting!
  5. Well, if someone ever say your Sager laptop sucks (simply because of the humble appearance), start the Unigine benchmark and show them the fps (the i7-2670m and 6990m there will pretty much own every laptop out there).
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