Congratulations to Intel

Hy to you all,

I've been watching the last couple of days with great interest because I was almost sure that at IDF Intel will surely show something … And I wasn’t disappointed, again :D

I guess what were seeing now is the new Intel, more opened, more transparent and more willing to share with the industry and the people their current and future technology trends.

I like a lot the new Intel, because I really think that this is the way for a company to behave … I the past years Intel was correctly accused of many things, that they have stopped innovating, that they have concentrate to much on the OEM's and forgot consumers …, that they have become an arrogant monopolist to blind to see that their are not on the right track. All actions have consequences ... and naturally AMD has stormed the industry in the last couple of years improving in all those areas where Intel lagged, with each new technology and each new initiative AMD showed Intel how much it has deviated from the right path, and in the late 2005, beginning 2006 Intel was in big trouble.

But what were seeing now is a company that has demonstrated that is can learn from its mistakes and more importantly in a very short period of time recover. They have come with a new core and retaken the performance crown hands down, they are now pushing the cycle of development at a very ambitious 2 year cycle, they have aggressively pushed the manufacturing process, they will have a core update witch has ~10% IPC improvements and better thermal dissipation(Penryn) only a year after Core 2 architecture, they will be dumping the FSB and in 2008 we will have a new core witch will surely be extraordinary.

From what I have seen in the past 2 years Intel is again leading the industry on a good path , there are pushing their limits and their also push their competition into more aggressive development and more competitive products.

I congratulate Intel for all the past 2 years of changes and great products and I hope they will continue on this trend for many years to come.
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  1. fanboy!
  2. Is this a paid advertisement? How many procs did they give you to write such butt-smooching shameless promotion.

  3. I agree, Intel has indeed become innovated. As they push forward, crating a better, more powerful product, I hope they dont push the competition over the cliff. Time will soon tell IF Intel is as friendly as it seems. When Penryn comes out, and if it is indeed far supperior to Barcelona etc then we will see IF Intel is consumer oriented. We consumers, if in a years time, dont see AMD compete, and well, will know EXACTLY what Intel does think of its consumers. At this point Intel OR AMD can argue,whoever has the lead , that the price war has to end. If one comes out with all the marbles you can bet IT WILL END
  4. I agree. I am just wondering why Intel took so long to wake up. I hope they don't start relaxing again but instead keep pushing tech forward reguardless of absence of competition.
  5. Intel is definetely on top of its game again. The Penryn looks like a beast and I doubt that Barcelona will be able compete with it. Moreover they have another new core relase in 2008 and that should be a quantum leap too. Perhaps for the past couple of years they were just planning their counterattack which begun with the Core 2 Duo and doesn't seem to relent in the foreseeable future. AMD should better concetrate on the value market if it wants to stay in business for long.
  6. Quote:

    I am an AMD fan actually, but I can't let my personal choices interfere with my judgment, and the facts are that Intel is totally changed today and they have made a lot of progress … I was very glad when I saw AMD penetrate the monopoly in the last couple of years because I was sure it’s the best thing for the industry. And now I’m sure that this new Intel is a very good thing for the industry also because it’s driving prices down and performance up.
  7. Does anyone ever wondered what happened to the intel mascots, u know the one with the guys in clean room suits.
  8. Quote:
    Does anyone ever wondered what happened to the intel mascots, u know the one with the guys in clean room suits.
    They advertised the Pentiums. So they went the way of the Prescott... they melted.
  9. They chopped them to pieces, thus INTEL INSIDE
  10. Damn...I thought that my Firewall can block Advertisement! :evil:
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