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I recently bought and installed an Asus P5N32-E-Sli (680i) but have not yet installed an OS due to a DOA video card (EVGA 8800 GTS). The CD that comes with this Mobo includes the utility Asus PC Probe II. However, while waiting for the replacement I have been reading various forums and have been left with the definite impression that Probe is not the best Windows based PC maintenance software and that nTune is better. I have also read that nTune may not be compatible with this mobo. In reading the release notes for the latest Forceware drivers for this card there is a statement that the latest version of nTune, 5.5 I think, is supposed to work with all mobos. Has anyone verified this to be true, especially with Asus boards that come with Probe?
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  1. My specs are
    asus A8n32 sli deluxe
    amd 3200

    And when I install the Ntune downloaded from the Nvidia webpage when I try to run it the computer freeze at all, and I have to reboot it and always do the same so I unistalled and dont know what happen?

    Anyone could tell me what happen?
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