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i think i got a virus or something on my computer. I managed to make it stop constant pop-up ads, but it blocks the task manager, the run function, and deleted the toolbar configuration in my control panel. Plus, my pc starts up really slow. When i start it in safe mode, it starts up fine. I think i have killed the virus, but i dont know how to restore these to the default. Could someone please tell me how to fix those?
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  1. i had the same virus that didn't even allow me to get into the Task manager.
    I found that if i ctrl+alt+del quickly and repeatedly during bootup, it would bring it up before the virus did it's thing. I then was able to stop various programs that I knew weren't supposed to be there. It also effected winupdate, and a couple other things.
    Sorry, but I hate to tell ya, I had to do a complete reinstall to get rid of it.
  2. i got rid of it using mcaffee to find it, then deleting it in safemode on the admin account. I just need to know how to re-enable those various things i lose using the admin account
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