Gentoo on VMWare?

Hey guys... as you can probably figure out... I'm trying to find out whether or not Gentoo Linux will run as VM... now I emailed VWware and they didn't really give me any info... just kind of like nothing. SO my question is: Has anyone tried making a Gentoo VM on like XP with any luck? I'm going to be putting Vista Ultimate on my new machine but I love Gentoo so yeah... any and all info is welcome.
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  1. I found this Gentoo image you can run with Vmware player or better:
  2. Awesome... thanks man.
  3. I've not tried Gentoo in a VM but just about every other flavour of linux that I have thrown at it works so I cant see why not. It really does take your hardware to lowest common denominator stakes so I'd say that if anything your more lifley to get anything running in a VM than on real hardware.

    The only OS that I have heard of that really does not want to play on VMWare would be vista home. But this is down to MS licencing and actually checking to see if you are trying to breach the licence by running in a VM rather than any technical issue.
  4. Ahh... well, that's cool. I'm now trying to decide between Gentoo and PLD linux... maybe I'll try both out and see how that works.
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