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My brother's computer, which he bought from a system builder, has Windows XP Pro installed. His "all programs" menu has an interesting and useful effect where it hides items that are not frequently used. I have tried to implement this feature on my computer, but I cannot find the settings to do so. Does anyone know A)what I'm talking about, and B)How to turn this setting on?

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  1. Right click on the Start button, choose Properties and select Classic Start menu.

  2. I appreciate the response! But, that wasn't quite it. Firstly, he's got the newer start menu. But the other thing was that it only affects the "all programs" section. Like I said, it hides programs you don't regularly use, and only shows those you do. When you click a little arrow on the top, it expands out again to a full-sized list.
  3. Don't know. Try Google.

  4. try enabling "scroll programs" option
  5. scroll programs is closer, but not it either. I wish I had a screen shot to help describe it all. In the classic style, it does hide some of the older programs. If I remember correctly, the programs frequently used also appeared more indented then the other lesser used ones.

    IDK, I don't think I'm crazy... :? Are we?
  6. Call the dude who built it and ask him how to enable it or if he installed something that does it :)
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