Help...Windows Server 2003 noob, how to set up file sharing?

Ok here's the story. I work in a small biz environment and we used a WinXP computer as a basic file and print server. Did everything we wanted until we expanded to 11 employees. WinXP doesn't allow more than 10 concurrent connections so we were forced to go with Windows Server 2003 and a 15 user CAL.

Now here's my problem. I set up all the printers and the file folder to share on Win2k3 server, but the other computers in the network don't "see" them even though I set it up in the same workgroup. But, the Win2k3 Server can see all the other shared files on the other computers. What step am I missing?

Sorry if the question sounds so basic, I just wished there was some kind of wizard like WinXP to make file/print sharing easy and seamless. Thanks for any advice.
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  1. First thing would be to make sure you aren't blocking inbound connections with Windows2003's firewall.
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