sound only works for one user, but not other user logins

I'm puzzled. I'm running XP. When I log in under my name, the computer sound works fine. When my wife or son log in, they get no sound. Any ideas how to fix?
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  1. well what do their audio settings look like in the control panel, nothing is muted? everything is setup properly?

    what if you create a new profile just for testing
  2. I am having the same problem.
    one user gets sound and the main user doesnt :x

    i have checked all the settings that I know of in the control panel and cant find any problems there :cry:

    one thing that i thought may have been a problem was i installed a demo version of NERO 7 and when it expired it wouldny let me use it (obvously) but also when I treid to run different media items the Nero box would come up and ask for the rego and therefor I couldnt get the item to play.

    I treid to uninstall Nero but it didnt exist in the programs list and so in the end I just deleted all the files in the Nero folder. This maybe completly unrelated but i thought I had better mention it :idea:

    Can anyone plase help :)
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